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Authentic Italian Homemade Pizza

In-depth and interesting instructions. Mouthwatering results.

Book’s Author: Tommaso Sorrentino

Did you know that the word pizza is likely a derivative of the Italian word ‘pinsa’? Turns out that the history of making flatbreads traces back all the way to the Neolithic age about ten thousand years ago, the very birth of pizza bread. It’s enlightening to know that the Egyptians were the first to add yeast to their flatbread, paving the way for pizza bread’s flavor to evolve. The evolution of the pizza has notable Roman, Greek and even Far East influences. The modern pizza however is distinctly attributed to the Kingdom of Naples. There’s enough background information in this book that makes reading it interesting.

If you’re interested in Mediterranean cuisine, pizzas will likely hold a special place. Normally provided just a small section in most gastronomy cookbooks of the region’s profuse dishes, Authentic Italian Pizza authored by Tommaso Sorrentino, is a delight to read. Just going through his simple recipes is a mouthwatering experience. The author gives lot of attention to getting the dough, leavening and stretching right. This ensures enough knowledge and confidence to begin experimenting with his recipes. Expect successful results too.

After you’ve understood the pizza making process and the simple logic for many of the steps, you should try your hand at making a classic pizza, preparing the dough for two hours of leavening, at about twenty degrees. Stretching by hand and baking it (while keeping an eye on the bread), the pizza base should come out just right. Once you’re emboldened, try the Genoese Focaccia. The dimples in the pizza retains the mild emulsion very well.

If you’re looking at getting started on pizzas, this is a book you’ll definitely want to keep handy. The important part is getting each of the steps right, and Tommaso does a superb job providing enough knowledgeable information to ensure interesting reading.

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