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GaiaTree Security Advice

First off, employees or representatives of GaiaTree Eco, a part of GaiaTree Sustainables, will never directly ask you for your passwords or security keys. There are adequately secure user/customer account retrieval methods available on our website/app. Please visit our privacy policy for details on how we handle and manage your information.


Be Aware

There are a number of ways in which unscrupulous individuals or organizations could target you to elicit your personal information from you. These methods include (but not limited to):

Ransomware: A method of threatening individuals to pay to keep private details like passwords or usage behavior secret, by revealing a tiny bit of relevant private information.
Phishing: A diabolical method of gaining sensitive personal and security information, by fraudulently pretending to be (or representing) a normally reliable individual or entity.
Whaling: Similar to phishing, this is an attempt to gain access information from senior executives using a threat against a company.

If you're unsure about a communication you may have received, please reach out to GaiaTree Eco at info@GaiaTreeEco.com, and we will do our best to assist you.