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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Fantastically simple recipes. Delightful to make.

Book’s Author: Andrew Campagna

Most of us who like to cook, are always looking at evolving kitchen skills while expanding an appreciation of various cuisines. European gastronomy is a particular interest, because most of it is good for the heart, is low in calories and uses flavorful herbs and olive oil. Mediterranean dishes are easy enough to cook. The recipes in this book are no exception. They’re just great.

The first meal we experimented with, taken right out of this book, turned out a roaring success and was wonderfully delicious. An appetizer of stuffed tomatoes, a mushroom risotto entrée, a shrimp and crispy potato main dish with anchovy meatballs on the side, followed by crema pasticcera custard dessert. The meal was delightful.

We're rearing to try out new dishes, pizzas and desserts. Click on the preview button below the book’s image to look through a few pages for a free. Grab a copy of the book if you like it. 




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